What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?

I saw something on Facebook recently asking what Jesus wants this Christmas. I didn’t read the post or watch the attached video, but the idea stuck. In fact, the idea won’t leave me alone. Hmmm. 

Finally realizing this must be the Holy Spirit at work, I paused one Sunday and asked Him what He wanted. 

I know this is a busy, crazy, festive, holy, chaotic, stressful, blessed time of year. I know you still have shopping or baking or wrapping to do. I know you don’t have time to get still before God. Do it anyway. 

Right now, put the iPad down, mute the tv, go find a quiet corner, and ask Him. Then wait. He WILL answer you. 

And the truth is He really just wants you-time with you, a relationship with you, your heart….

As always, I wish you MUCH joy. 

Today let this truth sink in deep: when you reflect on God, you better reflect God.” Gwen Smith

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