A Thrill of Hope: Easter Blessings

I didn’t eagerly anticipate spring this year. Mom was gone and I just wanted the world to stay as I was-hunkered down, cold, quiet, numb. But spring persisted. Fast forward a week or two. It was a gorgeous day, so I went for a walk. God is so sweet to me. I found myself rejoicingContinue reading “A Thrill of Hope: Easter Blessings”

Happy Easter! 

After a long, cold winter the trees are budding, flowers are popping up, and our lawns are green again. I can shed my jacket and everything seems brighter, lighter, and more possible. I adore the symbolism of Easter and of spring- new life, rebirth, fresh starts, hope…. If you know me or have followed me,Continue reading “Happy Easter! “

Another Easter Resolution

 I love, love, love Easter season. When I allow myself to be still and absorb the enormity of His sacrifice, the horror of His death, the miracle of His resurrection, the beauty of His love for us…I am undone. I am completely undone.  Last year I wrote about Easter resolutions. I’m making one again this year.Continue reading “Another Easter Resolution”