Ride the Wave

If you know me or read this blog frequently, you already know I like lists. I like plans. I crave control, routine, and organization. Spontaneity is a rare thing in my life and chaos and drama are unwelcome. 


I’m at an interesting phase in life.  Midlife. So many things are out of whack and my illusions (delusions!) of control are being shattered. And I hate it. Or rather, I did. Aging, milestone birthday approaching, menopause, work, health, emotions, relationships…when thing after thing after thing spun out of control, I finally realized God had to be in this. And I surrendered. Pretty much. Once again, my Father is challenging my Martha spirit. 

Hubby and I were talking about it and we describe this phase as our “riding the wave” phase. We love our beach trips. We adore getting in the ocean to cool off and to ride the waves. We never know if the waves will bring a gentle roll or push or a surprise dunking and crash. Turns out, life is the same. A lot of you are far better at going with the flow than I am, but I am trying. And, as usual, I’m struggling to make sense of it all through prayer, overthinking, and blogging. I have to confess that it’s exciting (and uncomfortable and scary) to let go and let the waves of life come and go without trying to control them. 

I wish you MUCH joy as you ride the waves.

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