No is a complete sentence. 

My amazing aunt taught me that, but it took years (too many years) before I fully understood and embraced it. She was teaching me to say no to the endless extras I was asked to do. It was liberating, thrilling, and terrifying to say no to serving on yet another committee or picking up the slack for a person fully capable of doing his job. She was teaching me to protect my health, my sanity, my family time. And I bless her for this lesson. I’ve embraced it. I even try to pass this lesson on to my people. Lately, however, I’m realizing we need to say a resounding NO to more than those pesky requests for our time. 

  • No to gossip. 
  • No to whining and complaining. 
  • No to time sucks.
  • No to selfishness.
  • No to turning a blind eye to the hurt around me.
  • No to hatefulness.
  • No to rude behavior. 

Saying no is actually saying YES to a better life, to better relationships, to better times. Join me in saying NO today. As always, I wish you much joy! 

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