There Is No Tired Like Teacher Tired! 

“America’s future walks through the doors of our schools each day.” – Mary Jean Le Tendre

I have the most exciting, fulfilling, often frustrating, always important job in the world. I teach. It’s an all consuming career. Not a day goes by that I’m not thinking, planning, puzzling, tweaking….I’m so blessed that I work with like-minded, like-hearted people.  I cannot say enough about how much I love and respect my school family. They make me happy.  They sometimes make me crazy. They always make me better. 

 I work with seven and eight year olds. And it’s, quite possibly, the best gig in the world. There is no thrill like watching a child get it! That “Aha!” look is intoxicating. Nothing compares to watching a kiddo find his voice. And I cannot adequately express the rush I get when I know I’ve helped an angry child feel understood, accepted, and heard. 

And, y’all, there is no tired like teacher tired. My colleagues and I have just finished our first  week with kiddos. We had 9 days of staff development and 5 days with kiddos. And. We. Are. Tired. God’s so smart to command us to observe the sabbath. I’m not always smart enough to obey. Sigh. But I did this week! Not only did I rest and relax, but I cried out to Him with so many needs and requests for school.  And, praise God, He reminded me that I can’t do it all. I never could. He can. And He does. Every year, He comes through for me. Every year He gives me energy, strength, wisdom, discernment, creativity, love, patience, more love, fresh ideas, and hope. He’s never failed me. I’ve taught 26 years and He’s never failed me. If you’re a tired teacher (or a tired anything), please cry out to our Heavenly Father. He has all the answers. He has rest. And He has so much love. It’s all for you. It’s all for each of us. Our Father is so, so good. 

As always, I wish you MUCH joy! And I wish the teachers, students, and parents a very happy, successful, school year! Let’s do this! 

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