If It Doesn’t Matter…Get Rid Of It

“If it doesn’t matter…get rid of it.” This resonates with me so much right now. You? 

As a teacher, I’ve asked myself this. In the past, I’ve asked my students to do some things that (yikes!) just don’t matter.  Well, enough! If it’s not important, why on earth am I wasting our precious time? We must fill our days with meaningful activities that stretch and grow my kiddos. 

As a wife, I’ve focused on dumb things that JUST DON’T MATTER. Does it matter HOW Hubby loads the dishwasher? Umm, no. It matters that he DID it! Is it important that he is smart, kind, works hard, loves me unconditionally, and makes me laugh? Yes!! Does it matter that he bought the wrong toilet paper or makes a mess when he cooks? No! Does it matter that he thanks me for those rare occasions I cook? Yes! (And he does!)

As a consumer, I ask myself this…kind of. I had so little for so long…when my debt was finally paid and I had some discretionary income I went a little nuts. And I ended up with a lot of stuff. Not surprisingly,  I ended up throwing and giving much of it away. My rule is: if you (I’m talking to you, Julie!) don’t need it or absolutely love it, don’t buy it. And it doesn’t matter if it’s 80% off if it does not the meet the need or adore criteria!!! 

I see implications everywhere….

So, how do we apply this? Well, I’m going through my home the last month or so of vacation. Drawer by drawer and closet by closet, I am asking  myself if things matter.  Do I use this? Does it bring me joy? Am I holding on to the past or feeling guilty about getting rid of something? Am I hoping I’ll fit into it eventually? You can read about my process here.  I’m definitely a work in progress.  

I’m asking myself some tough questions about how I spend my time. I find this more difficult than dealing with my stuff. A new question I’m wrestling with is who I spend time with. Oh my. Obviously, I need to prioritize and protect time with the Lord, my husband, my family…. I’m seeing that some of my relationships need to be reprioritized. Ouch! We (hopefully!) all have friends who lift us up, encourage us, and help us grow. But we also may have friends who just…don’t. Hmmmm. I’m not advocating being unkind to anyone. Ever. Perhaps, though, I (we!) need to rethink who we do life with. I can think of people in my past who, unknowingly, encouraged me to sin and grow apart from The Lord. If an activity or person is keeping me from the will of God it’s time to let it or them go. 

This is something I’m pondering, doing, struggling with today. What are you letting go of in this season of life? I’d love to hear your thoughts. As always, I wish you MUCH joy! 

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