Celebrations are Mandatory 

One of my second grade students recently told me that her favorite day was Tuesday. “Interesting choice. Why is Tuesday the best?” I smiled. She immediately replied, “My family celebrates Taco Tuesday.” Is that not precious, hilarious and rather brilliant?!  You see why I love working with 8 year olds. 

I know a lot of us think of holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries as cause for celebration. They are!! I’m thinking, though, that this little girl has the right idea.  Life is fragile.  It’s often challenging. It can be mundane. But it’s also a precious gift, don’t you think? I’ve found when I approach each day like the gift that it is I’m much happier. I’m more productive. I’m a blessing to others. And I’ve decided to celebrate!!!  I’m celebrating making the light, finding the perfect parking spot, good hair days, sales, and empty laundry baskets. The more I celebrate, the more there is to celebrate. This feels a lot like practicing gratitude. Hmmm….

I’d love to hear about your celebrations. As always, I wish you MUCH joy! 

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