Much Joy

Since this blog is called Much Joy to You I thought I would focus on things that bring me MUCH joy. Maybe we share a few. Maybe you’ll pick up a new joy bringer. And maybe you’ll share some of your joy bringers with me. 

  1. Coffee in bed. My sweet hubby got my coffee habit started. To this day, he gifts me with a cup of joe and a dash of coconut milk in bed.  It’s not so much the drink as it is the thoughtful gesture. 
  2. Knowing the laundry is all (All!!) done, the trash cans are empty, the dishwasher has been emptied. It doesn’t last longer than a blink, but I love that feeling. 
  3. A great read.
  4. A great worship experience, be it at church, in the car, or wherever. I love losing myself as I worship God. 
  5. Laughter. I love when my students and I share a good laugh. My hubby is soooo funny and I love laughing with him. And, with my best friend, I’ve often laughed so hard it felt like a workout. 
  6. Hugs! 
  7. Holidays. I love celebrations, don’t you?  And I love random celebrations. Hubs and I like to celebrate Monday. Beats dreading it. 
  8. A rainy afternoon. 
  9. The beach. Sigh. I’m landlocked, but I adore the sound of ocean waves crashing against the shore. I love white sand and clear water. I love walking on the beach. I love the sticky, salty air. 
  10. Getting a sweet card, email, or text. 
  11. Cheesy romances and mysteries on TV. 
  12. My mom’s prayers. No one prays like my momma! 
  13. Seeing Hubby excited about our next trip or his next adventure. 
  14. Snow. Well, snow when I don’t have to go to work. 
  15. Making my sister laugh. She’s so clever…I count it as a victory when I can make her laugh. 
  16. Big, fat cumulus clouds. 
  17. Being appreciated. My main love language is affirmation, so…
  18. My students. 
  19. The ongoing group text I have with two of my besties. Lots of laughs, lots of advice, and lots of prayers in our daily texts. 
  20. My DVR and Netflix.  I rarely watch anything live. It seems I go to sleep before things come on or I’m out and about. I love  watching what I want when I want. 
  21. Rocking in a glider or rocking chair. So soothing. 
  22. A good friend. A friend who celebrates your successes, dries your tears, listens to your rants, surprises you with little cards or gifts. 
  23. Autumn. Pumpkin patches. Leaves changing colors. Football games. Blankets. 
  24. Prayer. 
  25. Grace. 
  26. Mercy. 
  27. Forgiveness. 
  28. Hearing a favorite song on the radio. Catching a favorite movie on TV. 
  29. A day without a migraine. 
  30. Leaving work with a clean desk, an empty bag, and no homework. Okay, that’s rare. A girl can dream! 

Creating this list made me realize how very much I have. I am so very thankful! Maybe you can start your own list today. As always, I wish you MUCH joy! 

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