Just One

By now you know I love lists. And I seem to love the numbers 3 and 1 a lot. A. Lot. I’d apologize, but I can’t seem to help myself and I truly doubt I’ll stop, so….Today is simply a list of things I’m trying. 

  • Do one thing for your spouse. 
  • Do one thing for someone else. 
  • Do one thing you dread. 
  • Eat one thing you should. 
  • Cut out one food you shouldn’t eat. 
  • Take one bite less. 
  • Give one unexpected compliment. 
  • Let one rude comment pass. 
  • Let one car in line. 
  • Let one customer go in front of you in the long, long line. 
  • Tip one more dollar than you planned. 
  • Give one more hug. 
  • Listen to ____ one more minute before getting back to your busy, busy life. 
  • Pray for one minute. 
  • Pray for one more minute. 
  • For one minute, close your eyes and remember why it all matters. 
  • Try one new thing. 
  • Read one book to your child. 
  • Learn one new skill. 
  • Run (or walk or whatever) for one more minute, one more mile….
  • Take one deep breath before speaking.
  • Think one minute before acting. 
  • Forgive one more time. (I know, I know.) 

As always, I wish you MUCH joy! 

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