The First Day of School (and the Next Nine Months)

Hello! Can you believe our summer flew by so quickly? I’m so excited to meet your child and partner with you this year. I have so many hopes and dreams for our year.  And, dear parents, I NEED you to know some things

  • I’m already in love with your child. Truly! The moment a name is on my list I fall in love. The decision is first. The emotion comes soon after. 
  •  I will probably spend more time with your child than you will this year. 
  •  I will push, nudge, encourage, and drag your child this year. I will do whatever it takes to help them progress and learn and grow. It matters! 
  • I will never forget your child. I will never not want to hear how he is. I will never stop loving them. Just ask any of my former students or parents. 
  • I want and need your prayers.
  • I appreciate your kind texts and emails more than you’ll ever know. 
  • I will make mistakes. I try not to, but …. Please extend grace. I promise to return the favor. We are in this together, after all. 
  • I need your help. I need help with copying and laminating. I need someone to organize our parties. I need extra boxes of tissues. I need newspapers for those rare occasions we paint. I need you! 
  • You will “hear” me at home. A lot. You’ll hear my pet phrases and some of my lessons. You may even hear some of the voices I use when I read or act silly. 
  • Teacher/parent conferences make me a little nervous, too.
  • I love sharing the good with you.
  • I hate contacting you about anything negative. I will, but I hate it. 
  • I will protect your child.
  • I will teach your child more than the curriculum. I will teach him we are all wonderfully imperfect with different gifts and flaws. I will teach him to say thank you to the cafeteria ladies, custodians, and all visitors.  I will teach him to cough into his shoulder. I will teach him we all have bad days and we just do better the next day. I will teach him forgiveness is immediate, but actions have consequences. I will teach him being kind is incredibly important. I will teach him that it’s okay to make mistakes and fail. I will teach him to think deep and play to win. 
  • I am your ally, not your enemy. I truly want a partnership with you. And your child needs that to happen.
  • I am in/on more meetings, trainings, committees, etc than you can imagine. I fill out more paperwork than anyone should have to. Ever. I plan lessons and grade papers for EVERY subject. I arrive early. I stay late. I work most weekends and holidays.  I do this because teaching your child matters. Your child is worth it. 
  • I am fully aware that you are sharing an amazing gift with me this year. I will honor that gift every single day. 
  • Your child will amaze us this year. Based on my previous years, I can guarantee we will look at each other in May with tears in our eyes and deep satisfaction in our hearts. Sounds corny, but it’s true. 
  • Like your child, I’m sad summer is gone, but so very excited about the good ahead. 

Sweet parents, it’s going to be a busy, crazy, silly, fun, amazing year of learning and growing. Here we go! 

Fellow educators, I think I’m speaking for many of us here. I KNOW I’m speaking for many of the educators at my school. Please feel free to add your comments!! I’d love that. 

As always, I wish you MUCH joy! 

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