Loves and Links, Here We Go Again

I’m a big believer in giving shout-outs to people and products I love! I’ve shared products I adore before here and here. Well, I’m baaaaacck. And I have more “loves” to share with you. 

  • I love my lotions and potions! Have you tried Thymes Eucalyptus lotion? A student gave me my first bottle years ago. I’ve been a fan ever since. 
  • I saw a deal on Zulily and bought Madison Reed Color-Enhancing shampoo and conditioner on a whim. I just started using it, but I can actually see and feel a difference in my hair. Wow! My hair and I have a very rocky relationship. I’m hoping these two products  smooth things out. 
  • Dr. Bronner’s organic peppermint lip balm is amazing!!! Apply your usual balm. Remove it and apply this yummy stuff. Feel the difference! That’s all it will take for you to want to switch. 
  • Jane Iredale’s lash conditioner really works! I love it and I highly recommend it! 
  • Hobby Lobby rocks! I made jewelry for years and HL was one of my sources. I scrapbook and find most of my goodies at HL. A lot of my Christmas wrap and decor is from HL and I always enjoy browsing their beautiful autumn goodies. It just makes me happy to walk their many, many aisles. (Standing in their excruciatingly long lines makes me unhappy, but it’s the price I pay for crazy awesome stuff at reasonable prices.) Not long ago I was shopping at HL with two of my dearest friends. I pointed out item after item that I owned. And that’s when it hit me: my home is heavily decorated by HL. If loving Hobby Lobby is wrong, I don’t want to to be right. (Grin to those who know the song.)
  • Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel has become a favorite! There’s a lot of trash on television and I’m trying to watch what I watch. This channel makes me so happy! I love the Aurora Teagarden mysteriesGarage Sale mysteries, and Hart to Hart reruns
  •  The Hallmark Channel is another favorite. I record Cedar Cove and When Calls the Heart  religiously and I always enjoy their slightly cheesy romances. 
  • Speaking of Cedar Cove, I love, love, love Debbie Macomber, her books, her TV show, her movies. She can do no wrong in my book. 
  • While I’m at it, let me give a shout-out to Jodi Thomas’ Harmony series. I read these books slowly, because I can’t stand for them to end.  Hallmark, would you please consider making this a series similar to the Cedar Cove series? Please? Pretty please? 
  • Courtly check. Yep, it was on a previous list. Since I just scored a new addition to my collection, I simply must mention it again. #truelove
  • I had my doubts, but Body Drench Shimmer Lotion is pretty cool. It does give your skin a gorgeous shimmer. It looks fantastic on a tan. However, I must mention I don’t much care for the smell and I leave a trail of glitter on my car’s seats. I think it’s pretty, but Hubby has other thoughts. 
  • You must check out Deborah Kaye’s cookies. Seriously! They’re dairy free and gluten free. No refined sugars. No corn. Non-GMO. Organic. We need more treats like these! That’s a tip for my readers AND a hint to the good people at Deborah Kaye! 
  • Bliss Microdermabrasion treatment is a little luxury I like to ask for at Christmas. It’s gentle, smells yummy, feels amazing, and leaves my skin super smooth. A little goes a long way. 
  • I enjoy browsing in TJ Maxx. One of my favorite finds is the Droplet natural body washes. Next time you’re in the store, cruise the beauty products aisles. I’ve scored a Chi hairdryer and countless name brand lotions and gels-all deeply discounted. 
  • Pete’s is our favorite local place to buy our flowers and plants. But I also love shopping in their store. They have yummy lotions, beautiful dishes, and gorgeous decor. And now they’re online! Check them out! 
  • White House|Black Market is one of my new favorites!! Pretty, pretty, pretty things!! Sigh. 
  • Classy Delites Tweeds chips with flax seeds and sesame seeds. Non-GMO. Organic. Delicious!!! 
  • Young Living Oils are scattered all throughout my home. I carry some in my purse, my lunch bag, and I even have an oil travel case. True story! Not a day goes by that I’m not oiling up! If you decide to take the plunge and sign up, good for you!! You won’t regret it! And please consider signing up under me. My ID is CLARKE, JULIE/1313990. 

So, what do you think? What are some of your loves? Thanks for reading and, as always, I wish you MUCH joy! 

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