Now or Later?

I’d just finished running errands, and as I unloaded the car I saw it. A spider was sitting just outside our garage door. He was huge. He was scary. And I was scared. Hubby was at work, so I was alone. All. Alone. Allow a moment for the horror to sink in. I stared at him for about 30 seconds, realizing I could kill him now (Oh please, Lord! Let me kill him on the first attempt!) or worry about him all day, all night, and all week. 

Deep breath. Gulp. 

Another deep breath. 

I killed him. And after I killed him I killed him one more time. Let that be a warning to all spiders!  

We are faced with now or later choices quite frequently, aren’t we?  IWith the spider I needed to act quickly. I made the right choice despite wanting to run the other way and pretend everything was fine. And it –doing the right thing (the brave thing) quickly– felt wonderful. 

Confession time. God had been asking me to give up a sin…a pet sin. It was something that started innocently enough, but grew into a sin that separated me from my Father.  I’d ignored Him and His gentle prompting for months.  I know. I know. I think I hoped He was joking. Or maybe I hoped He would forget. Perhaps I’m strong-willed and bratty. Anyway…. Fast forward 5 weeks and I finally did kick the sin issue to the curb. It was hard. It’s still hard. But, man…it feels great to obey Him, to walk in that freedom. 

I started thinking of other now or later choices. Eating for health, exercising, making the phone call, forgiving, praying…. The now or later choices surround us, don’t they? The more I make the NOW choices, the better I feel, the healthier I am. Why, I wonder, didn’t I remember how awesome it is to obey and obey quickly?!?! Talk about freedom! 

Naturally, I’ve come to the conclusion doing ‘it” now is always the better choice. Obedience is surely the best choice for God’s girls. I’m finally realizing putting off obedience and doing the “right” thing is foolish and results in anxiety and distance from God. I know that’s a big “Duh!” for a lot of you, but it’s being driven home to me right now.

I’d love to hear your most recent now or later choices.  As always, I wish you MUCH joy! 

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