What If???? (Part 1)

Two or three years ago I heard Christine Caine speak at my church. She told a story of her team rescuing some young women from a sex slave ring, telling them they came in the name of Jesus, that Jesus loves them and wants them to be free. One girl’s response has haunted me.  “Where have you been?Continue reading “What If???? (Part 1)”

Can I Be The One? 

It’s summer vacation, but I’ve been up to my campus a few times. I’ve attended a workshop.  I’m reading professionally. And it’s all good. School is such a big part of my life, of who I am…I don’t mind a little overlap on vacations. Naturally, my thoughts are starting to turn to August.  One ofContinue reading “Can I Be The One? “

Things I Learned at the Beach

“The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.” ~Kate Chopin We vacationed at one of my favorite spots this year. Destin has white sands, clear water, a salty breeze…pretty much my idea of heaven on earth.  I am more free, more relaxed, more ME at the beach.  I also love bustling cities and theContinue reading “Things I Learned at the Beach”