“Happy Summer” Prayer

May is a crazy blur of activity. As I gradually take down the anchor charts, attend the inevitable retirement parties, graduations and various ceremonies, and say goodbye to so many little people, parents, and colleagues moving on, I’m  battling many thoughts and emotions. Too many…. Like all educators, I’m ridiculously weary. I’m so proud of what my kids have done. . . I marvel at the miracles in front of me! I’m teary as I think of our final day together. I don’t like goodbyes and change is hard. I’m anxious about the next year. What will it bring? And I’m so excited about two months of rest!  Early morning walks, vacations, relaxing, and visiting with family and friends–summer is so restorative.  

Not surprisingly, the idea of crafting a post before the final week of school didn’t excite me, but I can pray. I can always pray. 

“Father, I thank You for a job that provides closure. What a blessing!  Lord, you know better then anyone how exhausted and empty I am by Memorial Day.  THANK YOU for the aMaZiNg gift of time. Help me to use it wisely to rest and refresh. Help me to seek you in the months ahead. 

Thank You for a job that allows me to see the fruits of my labor. You know, Lord, how I often fret during the year.   As I record their levels and scores and colect various work samples, I see the progress they’ve made. And it still awes me. After 25 years of teaching, I am still in awe of the gift of growth. Thank You, Lord. 

Lord, be with my kiddos. Please bless and protect them. Please keep them healthy and safe. Please draw them-and their families-to you. Please fill in any gaps I may have left. Please place them with the right classmates and teachers next year. Please let them know how much I will always, always love them. 

Please be with all of my coworkers. Please bless them with rest and fun this summer. Please bless their health, relationships, and finances. Please bring us back together in August, refreshed and ready to do amazing things. Again.

Father, be with my principal, superintendent, cluster directors, and  schoolboard as they make decisions for the next year. Please give them wisdom and discernment. Please help them to seek your counsel. Please give them favor with us, their troops. And give us favor with them. 

Lord, bless my sweet custodians as they work all summer. They have such hard, often thankless, jobs. Please let them know they are valued and appreciated.”

Dear Reader, I wish you and yours a wonderful summer. I so appreciate you reading my blog. As always, I wish you MUCH joy! Happy Summer! 


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