A Teacher’s Summer To Do List

It’s here!! I cannot quite believe it, but we’ve successfully wrapped up another school year. One of my favorite things about our profession is the closure. Given our leanings (there’s more to do, let me try one more thing, I think if I just do this and that….), it’s such a blessing to have aContinue reading “A Teacher’s Summer To Do List”

“Happy Summer” Prayer

May is a crazy blur of activity. As I gradually take down the anchor charts, attend the inevitable retirement parties, graduations and various ceremonies, and say goodbye to so many little people, parents, and colleagues moving on, I’m  battling many thoughts and emotions. Too many…. Like all educators, I’m ridiculously weary. I’m so proud ofContinue reading ““Happy Summer” Prayer”

Dear Parents, Thank You!

Dear Parents,  As the school year is winding down, I feel so many things–elated at the thought of some much-needed rest, saddened at the thought that my journey with your child has ended, incredibly proud of the accomplishments we’ve made, excited about my summer plans.  And I feel tired, so very tired. Can I getContinue reading “Dear Parents, Thank You!”