It came unbidden, circling its prey. Silent. Unwelcome. 
It slunk in the shadows, biding its time. Stealthy.  Patient.  
It whispered sweet lies, tightening the noose. Deadly.  Insidious.  
It dizzied at dawn, seizing control. Vengeful. Hateful. 
It methodically ravaged, snatching her youth. Savage.  Sadistic.  
It kept her sad secrets, clouding her vision. Determined.  Destructive.  Undetected.   
It appeared in the open, mocking her tears. Brutal.  Dangerous.  

This poem was one of the first blog posts I shared. You can read the full post here.  My mom “inspired” this poem. I’ll never forget when I first read it to her. She was silent for a moment, before whispering, “That’s exactly what diabetes is.” 

Friends, one of the many ways we can honor our King  is by taking care of our health. This is a struggle I am still wrestling with. Please take care of yourselves. Please get your regular physicals, complete with blood work. Don’t let her story become your story. 

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