Another Easter Resolution

 I love, love, love Easter season. When I allow myself to be still and absorb the enormity of His sacrifice, the horror of His death, the miracle of His resurrection, the beauty of His love for us…I am undone. I am completely undone. 

Last year I wrote about Easter resolutions. I’m making one again this year. I actually find it easier to do this now (vs. in January), because I’m so humbled and full of His love.  I want to bless and honor my risen Saviour. My resolution is to forgive –and forgive quickly. When faced with the cross, how could I not? If He can forgive me for my myriad sins, I can certainly forgive others. 

I’m thinking of a woman I know. She’s what one pastor calls a growth opportunity. She has hurt me in many ways. Oh, how I would love to know her story, because I’ve learned there’s always a reason for why we are the way we are. But, I don’t know why and I probably never will. I just know I have to forgive her. Some days it’s easy. Other days it’s an hour by hour battle. 

I imagine you have some “growth opportunities” in your life, don’t you? Forgiveness isn’t an option for God’s girls. Matthew 6:14 tells us, “… if you forgive people their offenses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” If we want to bless and honor our King, we must forgive. Forgiveness honors Him and sets me free from bitterness and sin. It frees ME.  It does not excuse her (or his) behavior. It does not say what the other person did is even remotely acceptable. It simply says I’m not hanging on to the offense any longer. I’m giving it over to my Lord. I’m emulating my Jesus. And it’s hard!  Forgiveness is not for sissies, but it’s worth it. Obeying God is worth it. Letting go is worth it. Being free of the anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness is worth it. 

Will you join me in making forgiveness your Easter resolution? Please prayerfully consider it. As always, I wish you MUCH joy. Happy Easter!  He is risen!

“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said….” Matthew 28:6 (NIV)


5 thoughts on “Another Easter Resolution

  1. You are a preacher! I love your passion in this post; very clear! Is always challenging to forgive the one that hurts us the most. But the reward of freedom is so much better!

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