The Power of Three

Three. Not too big. Not too small. Quite manageable, really. Three has always been my favorite number, but it’s now become my mantra.

My students will tell you it’s true. We have a little “three before me” rule in 2A. If I’m working with groups or individuals, you must check with three classmates with your question before interrupting us. It works beautifully, since most questions are ones I’ve already answered. I hope I’m also teaching them to rely on each other.

My family and friends will tell you it’s true. It’s a daily goal to commit three random acts of kindness. These range from simply being patient with others in traffic to stopping at a child’s lemonade stand (a favorite!) to running an errand for someone to giving a gift card to someone needing encouragement.

My husband will tell you it’s true. Every weekend I strive to get rid of three things. Now, you must understand that I’m a happy consumer. I enjoy shopping and no one loves a bargain more than I do. I don’t know if it’s my age or my husband’s influence, but I’m finally realizing more isn’t always better. Sometimes more is just…more…more clutter, more mess, more stress.

Enter three. I found it difficult to part with things initially, but the idea of getting rid of “just” three things appealed to me. Surely I could find three things? So, I took a deep breathe and started. It was hard, people! I finally found a shirt that had seen better days. Trashed it. Then I sold a pretty necklace I’d never worn much. I spotted an unopened CD someone had given me. It went in the charity box. And so it went. Every decision was difficult in the beginning, but it slowly got easier when I realized I didn’t miss any of the things I’d given, sold, or tossed. I actually felt great, lighter…and it became a game. Who can I bless today? Someone needs this coat I no longer wear. Look at this empty drawer! Heady stuff. And, more often than not, I’d find an entire bag filled. I went far beyond three.

Try it! Try the power of three this week. Deliver three compliments. Thank Him for three blessings in your life. Get rid of three items you don’t use. Commit three acts of kindness. Write three letters or texts or emails. Spend three extra minutes in prayer. Read to your kiddos for three more minutes than usual. Three extra minutes on the treadmill. Ah, three! Three is a lovely place to start, don’t you think?

As always, I’d love you to like and share this post. And please share your victories and struggles below. Be blessed!

7 thoughts on “The Power of Three

  1. After all these years I cannot believe I did not figure that out about you!! 3?! I’m jealous! My favorite has always been 7, but I may be changing that!! Hmmm?! LOL!!! Mark would definitely like this…and since I live with my 3 most favorite people in the world, why not let them be my guinea pigs, so to speak? Can I say it that way and mean it in the best of ways? 😁

    Thank you for your insight…keep writing, my friend! Your inspiration is immeasurable!! God is blessing you more and more…it is all for His glory! Luv ya…Deanna

    Liked by 1 person

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