Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet (part 3)

I’ve finished unpacking and decorating my new classroom. I LOVE it! Yes, I gave up two days of vacation to do it. Yes, I got up earlier than I like. Yes, it was hard work. And yes, it was worth it. I’m soooo grateful for two things I’m learning (shared in earlier posts): (1) Don’t complain, especially when you cannot change things. (2) Accept sincere offers of help. My husband and dearest friend spent 9 hours with me, doing grunt work. I literally couldn’t have done it without them. And they helped me on New Year’s Eve! We celebrated with a lovely dinner out and not one of us made it to midnight.

Back to our list! There are hundreds of things I could add, but I’m concluding with just three things to consider.

8. Do good. Make it a point to do ONE good thing for one person every day. I love this! I try to do more than one, and the ones I choose are often quite simple.

A friend was going through a very tough time a few months back. I loathe talking on the phone, but I made it a point to call her several times a week for a couple of months. Letting her vent and process was my gift to her.

My husband has several things that make him feel loved (making the bed every morning, running errands with him, etc). You’d better believe I try to do these things regularly. What an easy way to bless him.

Because of the new wing and so many teachers moving, our custodians have had double the work load during our holiday. A coworker brought doughnuts one cold morning. I bought lunch another day. Little things mean a lot.

Many times, the simple act of listening, of being in the moment is the greatest gift of all.

9. Enjoy. Breathe. Look up. Look around. And remember, this is YOUR life, so take a moment to enjoy it.

10. Declutter. This is an issue near and dear to my heart-at school and at home. I’m a work in progress. My guiding thoughts: if I don’t use it and/or love it, it goes. Period. If you’re anything like me, it’s often painful. Some things I can easily give away. Others go into a holding closet until I can make a decision. I’m also learning to make sure I truly love (or need) something before buying. No more things in my closet just because they were 70% off!


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