Make 2015 Your BEST Year Yet (part 2)

As I share some thoughts on resolutions, I’d love to hear from YOU. What are you resolving to do in 2015?

Here are some more ideas for us:

4. Take care of YOU. You know exactly what your heart is whispering to you. Is it telling you to lose weight, make that appointment, floss, go to the gym? Perhaps you need to slow down. Only YOU can take care of you. I know how difficult it is. I fight these battles, too.

My newest thing: I’m taking one bite less. Every. Single. Time. Sounds funny, I know. What’s really happening is I’m retraining myself. I’ve allowed my flesh to set the rules for far too long. Taking one less bite just occurred to me recently. I’m embarrassed to tell you when I first tried it, my flesh rebelled. Okay, fine. My flesh has thrown a hissy fit almost every time. It’s been an eye opener I sorely needed.

5. Unplug.

6. Journal. It’s important to record your thoughts, feelings, and insights. It doesn’t have to be in diary form. Journal in your iPhone’s notes section or with photographs. Create a private board on Pinterest of things that speak to you. Be creative.

According to The Health Benefits of Journaling by Maud Purcell, LCSW, CEAP, “There is increasing evidence to support the notion that journaling has a positive impact on physical well-being.”

Journaling leads to reflection, which can lead to positive change. It’s a stress reliever. It helps me get perspective. It’s also helps me dump my bad days.

7. Forgive. Oh, I know! But He tells us to forgive. And I’ve finally learned it’s for OUR good. You’re not excusing their behavior or allowing them to repeat their crimes against you. Nope. You’re just refusing to hold yourself hostage to bitterness.

More next time.


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