Easter Resolutions

Happy Easter! I get so excited on Good Friday. I feel like a kid at Christmas because I know Sunday is coming! My Lord, my Redeemer, my Savior LIVES! And because He lives, I can live. Let this soak in. I can LIVE, not merely exist.

Today, as I celebrate my Lord’s sacrifice and glorious triumph, I’m making some resolutions. I’ve never made resolutions on Easter before, but it seems fitting. His life has given me my life, after all. He’s forgiven me, healed me, set me on a good path. So, today I’m spending some quiet time with Him, making plans for my future.

The world around me breaks my heart. People need the GOOD news I have. And, quite frankly, people need to start seeing how Jesus makes a difference in our lives, in MY life. So, I resolve today to let people see Jesus in me. I can’t think of a better gift I can offer.

Rejoice! Our Lord lives!


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